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Partnerships and Engagement Manager


The Swan Song Project is a unique charity that specialises in Celebrating Lives, Making Memories and Leaving Legacies. We are a small charity but have big ambitions to grow and make our service available to as many people as possible. Our new Partnerships and Engagement Manager will play a pivotal role in this development and will enable more people to leave their legacy in song.

Our core work involves supporting people who are facing the end of their lives or dealing with a bereavement to write and record an original song. The songwriting process allows people to reflect on their lives and relationships, create happy memories in a challenging time and leave a unique legacy that can provide comfort and joy for years to come. We also provide some group activities and produce a podcast on songwriting and bereavement.

Since being founded in 2017 The Swan Song Project has worked with patients in hospices across Leeds and Bradford to help them leave their legacy in song. During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 we made our service virtual allowing people to self refer and work with us over zoom. It is now a very exciting time for the organisation as we aim to expand our service offering both in person and virtual sessions to terminally ill and bereaved people across the country. 

Our vision is for as many people as possible to have the opportunity to write and record their Swan Song. This role will be responsible for ensuring the service reaches those people and is accessible to them.

We are looking to recruit a Partnerships and Engagement Manager who will help manage this expansion of our services. The role will be responsible for maximising participation in the services of The Swan Song Project through developing effective partnerships and raising awareness of the charity. You will research and connect with other organisations in the sector who may wish to offer our service to their beneficiaries, this could include hospices, care homes, NHS palliative services, Bereavement and cancer charities to name a few. You will continually monitor and assess the efficacy of our engagement methods and seek to make improvements. This could include individual partnership building with key organisations or individuals as well as wider awareness raising within the sector and with the general public. You will also work with the team to develop a sustainable business model for the charity to continue its expansion.

The right candidate will be passionate about the work we do and appreciate the value of music in difficult times. They will have excellent people skills, be an effective communicator and have a sound knowledge of effective partnerships between organisations. They will have great attention to detail, be self motivated, ambitious and optimistic. As part of a very small team you will have to be able to work flexibly and adapt to changes quickly. You will also contribute towards the growth of the organisation through developing effective processes and policies.

The Swan Song Project has repeatedly demonstrated a profoundly positive impact on the people it has worked with and their loved ones. This impact continues to ripple as the songs live on for years to come and can be played regularly through generations. This has all been achieved with a very small team and we are so excited to replicate it on a much larger scale. If you are the person to help us do this we can’t wait to hear from you.

It is important to the charity that whoever we employ understands and embodies the values of the charity. More information about our values can be found below.

Download the Job Description, Person Specification and Application Form here:

Partnerships and Engagement Manager Job Description – SSP Partnerships and Engagement Manager JD

Partnerships and Engagement Manager Person Specification – SSP Partnerships and Engagement Manager Person Spec

Partnerships and Engagement Manager Application form – Partnerships and Engagement Manager Application Form

To apply please send a CV and completed application form to

Applications close at 12pm on January 19th. Interviews to take place the week of Jan 24th.

The Swan Song Project Values

The following values are the foundations on which The Swan Song Project is built on and inform all of the work we do. It is important that all staff, Trustees and volunteers understand and embody them in all aspects of their role at The Swan Song Project.


“Life is not always a matter of holding good cards but sometimes playing a poor hand well”

The Swan Song Project is an optimistic organisation. We believe there are always opportunities to make situations a little bit better and we work towards these opportunities. We are positive in our mindset towards what can be achieved both by ourselves and by the people we work with. We believe a certain amount of hardship is unavoidable in life (such as the death of a loved one) but that hardship shouldn’t be made any worse than it needs to be. Efforts should be made to add joy and see light in all challenges. We encourage people to believe in the best of themselves and help support them towards that. 

For a lot of the people we work with the future looks bleak, scary and uncertain. We are here to help them cultivate a more positive view of that future, helping to create things for the person to look forward to and reasons to celebrate.

We do not ignore or undermine the difficulties people face and our optimism isn’t naive or simplistic. It is a belief in, and a commitment to the value of moments of joy, no matter how small. We believe people are capable of dealing with incredible challenges and hardship. People show great courage and bravery in how they manage life challenges and sharing their experiences with others is an act of great generosity and kindness.

“When it rains, look for rainbows, when it’s dark, look for stars”


“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment, it fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones”

The Swan Song Project is a creative organisation and approaches all of its work with a creative and open mind. We look for creative solutions to problems and are unafraid to try new methods. We believe creativity is implicit in everyone and there is great benefit in people accessing their creativity. These benefits can be for the individual taking part in the creative activity for their own wellbeing and also for any receivers of the creative output. Seeing or hearing someone express themselves inspires others to do the same and gives people more understanding of human experiences. It is a privilege for us to help people express themselves and we believe there is great value in everyones creative output.

We believe nobody’s creative output is inherently more valuable than anyone else’s. Everyone has unique experiences and unique ways of expressing and communicating those experiences. You never know who might benefit from anyones experience and how much benefit they may receive from it. Even if a song is only heard by one person it is still incredibly valuable and can have a huge impact on that persons life.


The Swan Song Project is a trustworthy organisation. We do what we say we will do and communicate honestly. We are reliable and can be trusted to work with peoples best interests at heart. We respect peoples privacy and wishes and never act in a way to compromise that. We deliver what we say we will and stick to time scales we give. When there are delays or problems affecting our ability to meet out commitments we are honest and up front about them.

The people we work with are often living with a lot of uncertainty and we do not want to add to that. We appreciate that trust needs to be built and maintained, this informs everything we do from face to face interactions to our social media and marketing.


“A sympathetic consciousness of others distress with a desire to alleviate it”

The Swan Song Project treats everyone with compassion. We do not judge, we accept people where they are, listen to their experiences and offer our support to try and make things better in whatever ways we can. We treat people with warmth, patience and kindness. We respect the complexity of individual peoples lives and situations, we never claim to know more about someones situation than they do and we always listen with the aim to understand rather than simply respond.


“Be so completely yourself that everyone else feels safe to be themselves too”

The Swan Song Project is an authentic organisation. We operate in ways that are true to our values and our individual experiences. We are professional but also real people who make genuine connections with the people we work with. We do not claim to be perfect, are open to admitting our mistakes and learning from them. We are happy to share our own challenges and our sincere in our conversations with others. We aim to be free of hypocrisy and “Walk our talk”.We are asking the people we work with to be their honest and authentic selves when writing a song with us. We cannot ask them to do this whilst not being authentic ourselves.

“When you show up authentic you create the space for others to do the same”


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to write their Swan Song. Thanks to the generosity of the public we are able to offer this service with no charge to participants.


Keep an eye out for exciting volunteer opportunities with The Swan Song Project.


We can provide flyers, collection tubs and promotional products to help make your fundraising a success. We can also help promote events going on in support of The Swan Song Project.

Interested in writing a song with us?

We can support anyone facing end of life and bereavement to write and record their own original song.
Please visit the “Writing A Song With Us” Page and submit the short form if you are interested in celebrating life in a song.

“Just wanted to thank you for being around at Marie Curie hospice, my son passed away on 22 March what was going on in his head is unimaginable. I know he enjoyed writing that song which must have provided some relief for him a break from the discomfort and stress perhaps. So a sincere thank you from myself and his family I hope you can keep up this good work”

“This has been one of the best memories I can recall in a long while. I will treasure this great gift always.”

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