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The Swan Song Project gives people living with terminal illnesses or dealing with bereavement the opportunity and support to write and record their own original song. We believe everyone has a song and these can live forever. It is our priviledge to help bring these songs to life. No previous musical experience or abilities are required. You don’t have to be a singer or a poet, you just have to be you. Your life and experiences are unique and so will be your song. Please get in touch to find out more.

Interested in writing a song with us?

We can support anyone facing end of life and bereavement to write and record their own original song.
Please visit the "Writing A Song With Us" Page and submit the short form if you are interested in celebrating life in a song.

“It's absolutely amazing, we all love it to bits and pieces!! It's the most amazing memento to keep and treasure always. Ready now for when the worst time of my life happens, giving me such peace of mind. It means so much, it really does.”

"I did it it’s a fantastic achievement when you complete it after thinking 🤔 I can’t do it and Ben convinced me to have a go! I now have a cd to play"

”It kept me for weeks from worries and from many scary events out of my control and allowed a place for me to reconnect to a part of me which still had some control”

“This has been one of the best memories I can recall in a long while. I will treasure this great gift always.”

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