The Swan Song Project Singing Group with Jess Baker


The Swan Song Project invites you to join us for a virtual sing.

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These sessions are a time for you to relax, breathe and sing. Bring a cuppa, join us in zoom and experience group singing online. These sessions will be faciliatated by Jess Baker. Jess has a wide selection of beautiful songs and will teach each part before putting all the parts together using a loop pedal. This term will also include some guest singing leaders to be announced.

Each session will start with vocal warm-ups and then a handful of harmony songs will follow. Jess will teach each part and then put them together live, through the magic of loop pedal (so you can hear all the parts together). Through working in this way you get to learn each part; which is a valuable exercise in ear-training and building musicality. It also means you can choose the part that feels most comfortable for your voice.

For the singing you will be muted so you can sing your socks off (your neighbours/pets/local wildlife will be the ones who will have the gift of hearing your voice!). Latency issues with Zoom make it impossible for us all to hear each other in time. On the plus side, if you are nervous about singing, these sessions are a brilliant way of building your confidence. You can have your video on or off, you can even just come along and listen if you wish to.

Sessions are free although you are welcome to make a donation to The Swan Song Project if you would like to

If you have any questions feel free to contact Ben at

We look forward to seeing you there.


Singing Group Feedback:


“I really look forward to Thursday evenings with the Swan Song session.  Jess is so lovely, happy and bubbly with such a beautiful voice.  She really raises my spirits and encourages everyone with the singing. Many thanks to Ben and Jess and look forward to further sessions in the near future.” 

“I have really enjoyed all of the Thursday singing sessions over the past few weeks. They have been fun, uplifting, relaxing all rolled into one!”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from being able to sing in the comforting relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the Swan song singing group. “

“The harmonies jess and Ben bring are absolutely beautiful.  More than that, during difficult times I have related so much to the words of the songs, I have been able to use them to comfort me during my day to day life…  Having something so wonderful to look forward to every week keeps me going, bringing hope warmth and light to the dark winter days.  I usually wear a beaming smile during the singing group,  it has that effect on me. Thankyou for your amazing support jess and Ben, it has such a positive impact on my life”

“It’s soooo uplifting and connective and honestly don’t know what I would do without you all in my weeks now. Everyone’s face is soooo sweet to see and the songs are just fabulous.  I am SO grateful. It is such a highlight of my life and I really appreciate you all”

“Jess’s charming tuition and choice of songs always leaves me with a smile on my face.”






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