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At The Swan Song Project we believe music is an incredible way to remember people. Our Music and Memory wall is a place to share those songs and memories. 

We invite you to celebrate the life of someone you loved by sharing a song that reminds you of them, along with your own dedication.

Please submit the form below and we will add your dedication to the spotify playlist and to the wall.


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“The Black Velvet Band”

In memory of Teresa O’Donnell

“Always loved singing this song with you Grandma”

Dedicated by Ben Buddy Slack


In memory of Mark

I’ll never forget harmonising this song with you for hours in the car growing up! Years later we’d take the same parts, even at your 29th birthday party, when it came onto shuffle I could hear you singing it from the next room. Our duo ‘Brosis’ never did conquer the charts but I’ll never forget those happy memories. Miss you brude. Love from Schweste x

Dedicated by Holly Taymar

“Time Warp”

In memory of Hector Gordon (Nick) Montgomerie

My grandad has been in my thoughts as his birthday falls in this month (March). He was an adventurer, an architect and an actor among many things and one of his roles late in his life was as the Narrator of a Rocky Horror Show stage performance in Zambia, Central Africa, where he lived for much of his life. When I think of him I think of how he really took fun seriously… or maybe made serious things seem awfully fun. One of his favourite quotes was “Youth is a quality, not a matter of circumstances” and when I hear this song I think of him and want to hold onto that quality too.

Dedicated by Geraldine Montgomerie

“Into My Arms”

In memory of Jacob Wybrant

Love You Dear Beautiful, Beautiful Boy xx

Dedicated by Julie Parrish

“Hey Jude”

In memory of Michael Lawlor

My dad used to sing this to my mum Judy. Happy times. Forever missed ????

Dedicated by Claire Lawlor-Gill

“Here Comes The Sun”

In memory of Toria Johnson Turner

The song playing in the ladies loo at the Premier Inn Heathrow the day you flew to the other side of the world, in 2015

Dedicated by Pam and Dave Johnson

“Don’t Look Back in Anger”

In memory of Nigel Martin Dunn

Thank you for the little reminders that you’re still around, we miss you so much and love you always xxx

Dedicated by His loving wife and daughters

“Sunshine After the Rain”

In memory of My Dad

I miss you more each day and love you always

Dedicated by Carole

“The Closest Thing to Crazy”

In memory of Michael

You taught me everything I know about loving and being loved. I love you like crazy, I miss you SO much my love. This song brings you closer every time I play it

Dedicated by Lesley

“Always Remember us this Way”

In memory of Melissa Ho

I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart

Dedicated by Andrew Nichols

“Good Riddance”

In memory of Kirsty Payne

For my best friend

Dedicated by Louisa Starr

“Moonlight Cocktail”

In memory of Mom and Dad

Your song, always

Dedicated by Linda

“I own America, Part 2”

In memory of Russell

One of many songs but for me this is you in your Mercedes in the Summer, stereo turned up. For the love of my life, then, now and always. Randall’s Daddy, my other half, best friend and soul mate. Forever in my heart

Dedicated by Becky

“Let me die in my Footsteps”

In memory of Emily

For Emily, who taught me how to live x

Dedicated by Fran

“Top of The World”

In memory of Peter Heppinstall

For my dad xx

Dedicated by Tracey MacDonald

“You Were There”

In memory of John Wray Barron

To my beloved father You were there in everything I know from the moment I began. Always there in everywhere I go, save me falling, held my hand

Dedicated by Catherine Barron

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