I was recommended to the Swan Song Project through my bereavement councillor at the
start of December. Straight away I was incredibly interested to find out more so on the same
day I sent an email and was lucky enough to have my first session with Ben the next day.
My song is in memory of my Dad, who I lost very unexpectedly and suddenly in October
2020. Since then, my family and I have desperately been seeking ways to keep his memory
alive and to keep him with us. My Dad started a Christmas tradition that we all learn a new
skill to show to everyone on Christmas Day and I was very keen to reveal the song as my
skill. I want the Christmas skill tradition to live on and I couldn’t think of a better skill than a
song, sang by me, dedicated to my Dad.

Ben and Lisa were absolutely amazing in helping me get the song ready in 2 weeks so that I
could show my family the song on Christmas Day, I cannot thank them enough. The
countdown to Christmas Day was incredibly hard as we just didn’t want to celebrate it this
year, but I had the chance to countdown to showing my family this song, which got me
through the first Christmas without him.

The first time I heard the song I was so beautifully overwhelmed. I always feel my Dad
around me but having the song being sang to me just felt like he was really there, giving me
a big hug and I just cannot describe the feeling. I sing the song with my family, I sing it to my
Dad and the lyrics mean everything to me.

The whole experience was so therapeutic, talking to Ben about my Dad and what music he
enjoyed rather than talking about what happened to my Dad was so calming for me. I was
able to discuss the amazing man my Dad is, without having to discuss the pain of the last
few months.

I cannot thank The Swan Song Project enough, it is absolutely beautiful what you do and the
gift you give to people.
Thank you.

Charlotte Newell


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