Written by Charlotte Newell, Lisa Marie Glover & Ben Buddy Slack. 12/20


Isn’t it funny, you sang that we were your world,

When you have always been ours,

You gave us confidence, you gave us love,

You gave us laughter, you gave us joy,  

My Dad, Our Dad, … we all simply love you.



Eddie Newell this song is for you,

Eddie the Author made dreams come true,

And Eddie this song will always be sung,

As our love for you always carries on,

You’re always with us, you’re always near,

This world is better because you’ve been here.

Can’t you see, you’re everything mum ever hoped for,

All she will ever need,

You gave her strength, the strength to get through

A magical true love, topped up with a peroni and a gin

Karen and Eddie, until you meet again,.


With hope in your heart,

You will never walk alone,

And neither will we, you’re beside us,

Your family is everything and you are ours,

And you will play football together once again.

A best friend and brother in one,


With every sunset, with every smile, with every laugh,

We know you are right there with us,

Forever and to the end.

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