Written by Debbie Anderson, Lisa Marie Glover & Ben Buddy Slack. 




A lot of things I’m proud of,

but nothing more than you,

The person you’ve become,

after all we’ve been through,

The father that you are,

The apple of my eye,

I couldn’t have asked for more,

A mothers love can never die,


I’ll never be far away,

I’ll be with you every day,

I’ll be with you every night,

Every little things gonna be alright,

A breeze in your ear or a butterfly

A rainbow throwing colours across the sky,

Every time you dance, every song you sing,

You’ll always be under my wings,


You’ve always been my sunshine,

You’re always Grandmas girl,

You know I love you so much,

More than anything in this world,

Remember all the good times,

The funny things we’d do,

The best years of my life,

Are the ones I’ve spent with you


We’re three little birds,

Embrace life and be happy

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