Written by Paul Van Heeswyk & Ben Buddy Slack at Wheatfields Hospice, Leeds. 19/12/19


The moon shines over the dales, semer water reflecting light,

In dewey tents, sleeping soundly, 49ers pass the night,

They spent the evening in the pub, now supper time has come,

Egg banjos , careful how you eat them,

As they can cause some fun,



Adventure before dementia,

Who knows what the future will bring,

It’s not for us to say,

Old age is not for wimps

So best enjoy the day,


The breakfasts done the boots are on, And now we’re on our way,

From Burnsall, Hawes or Leyburn, Whatever is planned that day,

Penn Hill or Penny-Ghent, Cabaret corner best forgot,

Talking whilst we’re walking as best friends do a lot,

And then the lunchtime session, the pints come thick and fast,

Who lives, whose died and football, Will old style pubs still last?

The afternoon a steady stroll, beside some gentle stream,

We must lay down and have a kip, that haystacks just the thing,


Now it’s night the walkings done and round 2 is here,

A local pub, a good steak meal, another round of beer,

Then back to base unsteady feet, how fars that bloody tent?

The shoutings done, it’s off to sleep, Another day well spent,


Then home again the weekends done and all is packed away,

But memories and tales to tell forever they will stay,

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