Leeds musician recording memories for bereaved families is recognised by National Lottery

We are absolutley thrilled to announce the arrival of a bespoke bench in honour of Swan Song founder Ben Buddy Slack. The bench is 1 of 13 across the country dedicated to people who went above and beyond for their community during the pandemic.

The National Lottery worked with Jay Blades MBE, Star of BBC Ones The Repair Shop to create unique benches to represent the individual they are dedicated to. The Swan Song bench features some musical notes, some swans and “The lyrics of life”. It also has a plaque with a QR code where you can listen to Jay Blades talk about Swan Song.

Ben said “It is really hard to put into words how moved I am by this. It is an amazing honour and I am so grateful to everyone who has supported Swan Song over the years. The National Lottery have been an incredible support to us in many ways and I am so appreciative of them.”

The bench is located in Meanwood Park, Leeds where Ben grew up. If you find yourself in the area please visit the bench and if you do we would love for you to send us a Swan Song selfie of you on the bench. We also reccomend the cruffins from the Meanwood Park Cafe.


Read the Yorkshire Evening Post article about it here:



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