I have been having counselling for a year now through St Luke’s Hospice where my husband passed away. I was told about Swan Song Project through a friend and also St Luke’s. My
husband and I loved live music so to write a song about our short life together was a great idea. There is plenty of communication to make sure you know what happens and a chance to ask

I was a little apprehensive on my first meeting with Mark, my songwriter… there was absolutely no need to be as Mark put me at ease straight away. We had such a laugh. It is surprising how
easily the words came and Mark put the lyrics to music, which we had discussed, talking about what type of music and song I would like.

Watching and listening to my words form into a song was extremely therapeutic and great fun to do. I love music however I am tone deaf so when Mark suggested we record the song with me
singing it was very scary. Once again Mark made it so easy, definitely something I never thought I would do but would recommend to everyone. The song now means even more to me. Writing this song has helped with my counselling and recovery from losing my husband and I think it is a really positive thing to do.

I can listen to this whenever I feel down. Such a great help with bereavement to put your feelings into music, it’s a great healer.

By Jenny Marsden

Listen to Jenny’s song, Mission Not Impossible below.

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