Written by Pam Hart, David Hart & Holly Taymar.


You showed us, a new way to be 
You took us out into the open air 
And we knew that you’d make life better 
Over there 
This Scottish magic, this second sight 
Transcending language, larger than life 
And we’ll find you in the water, playing somewhere 
We didn’t know we could save you 
When really you were saving us 
You jumped right in for freedom and flight 
Gave you a home 
And you were ours 
So let’s dive in, we’ll ride this together 
Every day, is a new day 
It’s all about the light, the light, the light 
You hitched a ride at agility 
We found you in the living room 
With a flower in your mouth 
And those beautiful big brown eyes 
They drew the crowds 
Jean’s bootcamp is ready, so let’s set off 
With your buddy Jake finding all the good stuff 
We’ll never forget your snoring shaking the house 
Led by your belly, you’d sniff out the treats 
A Domino’s pizza and a raisin bun to eat 
Barking for a burger on the way 
To your favourite place 
Poor Colin’s stick taking the brunt of your chews 
Waiting with Dieter when you wouldn’t move 
It’ll be fine, don’t worry 
We’ll always learn from Grace 
Free you now fly 
Free you now run 
At the top of the stairs, forever lying 
You’ll never again feel stuck in the mud 

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