Written by Carly Elliot & Ben Buddy Slack. 


Fully embraced in the warm water on my skin,

Feeling of peace and calm working its way in,

Delighting in weightlessness I soak up love to the brim,

I lay on my back floating along,

Testing my strength as i swim,


And time doesn’t matter here,

This day just goes on and on,

I’ll be waiting for you,

Come and join me in a song,

Mud between my toes, the roots of the tree,

Holding up the wooden pillars, of what’s important to me,

Sheltered from the harshness, breath the air I’m free,

The dappled light through the leaves of life,

As I look up through the canopy,

Feeling of heat on my skin, Embers in my view,

Burning down the old, making way for the new,

Stripping away the layers, leaving only what’s true,

Dancing around with the flickering flames,

With my arms around you,

All we have is now, refilling lungs with air,

It’s hard to speak emotions, when we sing it’s laid out bare,

I feel myself expanding, in laughs and songs we share,

This is the now that never ends,

Come and join me in a song,

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