Written by Jackie Smith & Ben Buddy Slack at Marie Curie, Bradford. 28/06/17



I’d like to send a memo, an email or a text,

I’d like to write a letter but a song might be the best,

A song to take away the loneliness, the fear and anger too,

We’ll sing about the hard times and the things we’ve been through

So I’ll write the world a song,

Of things that we could do,

To make the world a better place,

A place for me and you,

I’d like you all to sing along, A chorus we could sing,

We’ll sing about the happy times and the strength that we find within,

We’ll sing about the future, better times we’ll have,

If we sing together the world won’t be so sad,

We’ll sing about the freedom, of peace and happiness,

We’ll sing about the future, with no sadness or regret,

We’ll sing it with one voice; we’ll sing it from the start,

We’ll sing it hand in hand and we’ll sing it from the heart

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