Written by Roger Smith & Al Bampton.



Started building radios when I was in school,

Best darn class I ever knew

Capacitors, resistors Diodes and valves

soldering iron in hand I hit the working world

Started with repairs servicing came and went

All the way to sales Management

Audio and visuals 

I tip my hat

For a little bit of fun I took up squash

Met up with Leonardo at the T & S Club

After the game win or lose 

We’d finish with a curry and a little bit of booze

Took my ratchet wherever I went

My passion for the game was heaven sent

That game from Harrow

I tip my hat

I flew down south to get out of the rain

Glass in hand I landed in Spain

Driving through the orange groves

With Alex and Pedro to Santonio

Played a lot of Squash went swimming in the sea

sipped Cava on ice ate Paella for tea

Cine camera in hand Walked the golden sands

The beach house was close at hand

If you want to see what happened to me

YouTube is the place to be Oliva

I tip my hat

I flew up north around the pole

hitting Mach two was good for the soul

Forty nine thousand feet minus fifty three

Thirteen thirty mph is some speed

The captain said step this way

The cockpit made my day

The fastest airliner ever made

loved the champagne I have to say

If you want to see what happened to me

YouTube is the place to be Concorde

I tip my hat

Autumn rolls in come what may

all I can say is enjoy your days

Had a ball

I tip my hat.


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