Written by Andy Nichols & Jamie Roberts.



This one’s for you, Melissa, from me, your family and friends
Our love for you, an ever-rolling ocean with no end
Your thirst for life and shining smile, it changed me for the better
We were ready to take on the world, invincible together
With all our hopes and dreams now lost, I’m struggling to find
The point of life without you, but still each day I try
Reflecting on the good times and the laughter that we shared
But this emotional rollercoaster is just so tough to bear

Cos I love you and I miss you
But Ill join you once again
Some fine day in our heavenly home
So til then…

I carry your heart with me
We’ll never be apart
I carry your heart with me
I carry it in my heart

Your mother gave you faith in God and you dared to take the leap
She’s so very proud of who you were and the memories she keeps
Your father treasures the countless precious moments with you that he misses
Like that special dad and daughter dance to Butterfly Kisses
You taught your sister, Melanie, so much along the way
You never let her doubt herself inspiring her each day
She knows you’ll meet again and catch-up when you do
And Asher and Luka and Vera and Eden will get to know you too

We love you and we miss you
But we’ll join you once again
Some fine day in our heavenly home
So til then…


I was always so in awe, I was full of admiration
For your love of life, ambition, and pure determination
You gave me so much confidence, you gave me so much courage
Chasing my own goals in life, you always did encourage

For Marilyn, you’ve shown her how to live life to the fullest
But the dearest treasure to her heart she holds
Is to embrace her very being, unashamed of who she is
And it’s your infectious nature that she credits for being so bold
I know there’s so much your kith and kin would love to say
But it’s more than words can convey

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