Written by Kathy Bulmer, Lisa Marie Glover & Ben Buddy Slack. 



Tiny bubbles from my heart,

Will surround you at the start,

Of each new dawn and each new day,

You can always find a way,

To be strong, to carry on,

My love for you goes on and on and on


Life’s too short to wonder why,
Behind every cloud there’s a sunny sky,
So Sing, Dance and eat pork pies,
Sing, Dance, and eat pork pies
Happy days when I was young,
Chasing insects in the sun,
Singing dancing and dressing up,
Out in nature and giving boys the look,
60s,70’s, twist and jive,
Those days really made us come alive

I want the world to be a happy place,

I want to see you with a smile on your face

Being silly and having fun,

Taking the hard times as they come,

Keep looking forward don’t look behind,

Always remember that people are kind,


“Kindness is a special thing,

Thank makes us happy and makes us sing,

Why be down when life can be a blast,

Time flies by it moves so fast”

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