Written by Kate Marchant, Lisa Marie Glover & Ben Buddy Slack



Generous and Kind,

You always had something in mind,

A tale to tell or a gift to give,

somebody to share your time with

Always asking after everyone,

Always giggling and always having fun,


Alright luv, we love you,

Ee by gum, You know it’s true


Drawing and painting,

So inspired you were always creating,

A face to draw or a scene to set,

A talent that we won’t forget,

Sat in the garden with the sun on your face,

Orchids and tulips brightened up the place,


Happiness and Laughter,

The feeling of joy after,

Any time spent with you,

All the daft things you’d say and do,

You made me laugh in a special way,

I’ll remember your smiling face every day

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