We are delighted to have gained the support of Sarah Jones of Full Circle Funerals, author of the Amazon bestselling funeral self-help book Funerals Your Way. 

Sarah will be donating the proceeds of the book to The Swan Song Project throughout 2021 after being inspired by the work we are doing to help people use song to deal with bereavement. 

Sarah talks about the importance of post-funeral rituals in her book and how the person who has died can be remembered by carrying out an activity regularly as a way of remembering the person and maintaining a connection with them. 

Rituals can include considering what you would like to do with someone’s ashes, having a special bench to spend time at where you can think about the person who has died and any number of personal rituals which are unique to you. Once of these might be a song, specially written and recorded as a way of remembering that person. 

Sarah said: 

“The idea of writing a very personal song and using the creative process to perform and record that song aligns perfectly with the aims of my book, which helps people to have the confidence to make choices that are right for them when they have been bereaved.  

“When someone dies our relationship with them does not end, but it slowly changes over time. 

“Making a song can be an uplifting and personal way to celebrate that person and maintain a bond with them by listening to and singing their song.”

We are incredibly grateful for the support of Sarah and Full Circle Funerals and we hope that our partnership with her, along with the proceeds from the book, will help more people find a special way to remember someone through song.  

Funerals Your Way is available on the Full Circle Funerals website https://fullcirclefunerals.co.uk/learning-together/funeral-self-help-book/


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