Written by Mohammed Aziz & Ben Buddy Slack at St Gemma’s Hospice, Leeds. 18/05/18



I thank you for the last 33 years,

All the ups and downs the laughs and the frowns,

I never thought we’d be here right now,

Me lying on the sofa waiting for our 6 o clock row,

I’m sorry this illness has fallen upon us,

But I thank you for all of the fuss,


You’ve given me the strength day in and out,

Pushed me to fight on without a doubt,

You’re my driving force in every way,

You’ve made me the man I am today,


Thank you to my beautiful wife,

You’ve given me our 6 sprogs so full of life,

Not to forget Yara too,

Our beautiful butterfly who forever lights up my room,


The world is your oyster bud,

Go out there and do what you gotta do,

I will always and forever love you

I will always and forever love you

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