Written by Rohan reed & Ben Buddy Slack at Marie Curie Hospice, Bradford. 07/05/18.


Near a city street, there’s a place people know,

Into the fields and the meadows they go,

Where the children have fun and play,

In this wonderful park today,

So listen to what I’m about to say,


Up high in the clouds, it’s a wonderful day,

But today something was different,

Something was strange,

It’s not such a nice day,


Then all of a sudden,

The rain came pouring down,

an abandoned town, 

no people were left in sight,

As we hope peace will restore,

As we hope peace will restore,


As days pass, hope gains fast,

As things started to change,

Then it was back to normal,

Things were back to normal,

It was the best day ever,

Best day ever,

Best day,


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