Written by Lawrence Daniels & Al Bampton.



I’m the Urban Pharmacist, That’s who I am

If you need a helping hand I’m your man

I’m the urban Pharmacist, Now here’s the twist

Unlike that spaceman I exist.


In 1918 my father first walked this land

When 39 dawned he had to lend a hand

I’m so proud of my old man

He walked beside me shaping who I am




Hello Ramsgate It’s 1961

plussed by 11 was time to be moving on

But me and Chatham House didn’t quite see eye to eye

As uncle Mort Once said

Slightly better than whippet racing

but not as good as bowls




Back in 77 It was time for me to run

Went to work for Pfizer I was having fun

Pfizer, Vaccines cows and ticks

can think of many a worse a way to get your kicks.


In the fall of 88 I first walked those Hallowed floors

That sweet pungent smell wafting from the Kashmir’s doors

For five good years I had spices on my mind

Bradford my friend thanks for the

couple of bits of paper and a lifelong love of curry




In 1993 I became a pharmacist

Back in 95, it sure felt good to be alive

With Elaine and Dale Singing from the same page

Oh Canterbury What a day

Magnificently better than whippet racing

and even better than bowls, Woah




New York, New York

So good they named it twice

popped in for a few days t’was rather nice

Flew in to JFK and crawled up the Empire State

peeking out from Liberties crown

Well my knees would have chosen

whippet racing but what a view


Of all the places I’ve been Sri Lanka stole my heart

Being a Kingdom of elephant sets the place apart

Trampling all around with their hearts of gold.

Swimming with those big beasts has been good for my soul



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