Written by Will Harris, Sam Hodgson & Ben Buddy Slack. 2021


Saturday we used to meet,

Nan would drive me down the street,

We would walk in the park

And get home before dark,

Childhood memories spent with you

Time together as I grew


The lost years we were out of touch,

How I missed you so much,

I’m glad I found you to reunite,

You and me we were alright,

I just wish we had a few more years

Verse 2

You told me this could be nans last year,

So what made you disappear?

I really needed you there,

You made me think you didn’t care,

A decade we were apart,

But I still held you in my heart,


Verse 3

As our relationship started to grow

Stories of famous lawns you used to mow

Lady Bird, famous for her custard

Whom you didn’t cut the mustard

With Jimmy Chin,

You didn’t score a Sky Blue win.


Wishing Nan could see us now,

Before you headed over the brow

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