Written by Pat Haddick & Lisa Marie Glover.


Teaching college wasn’t for me
So, I made up my mind and I cut myself free
Dad said get a job, so I went off to see
If I could find work at the library
The job didn’t start till the following year
I went looking for work to tie me over
I knew that Dad would make a fuss
So, I waited for the Newcastle to Ponteland bus
We were destined to meet at the bus stop

In the right place at the right time
Nobody could have loved anyone more
I knew he was the one

Every morning at 7 o’clock
Arthur would catch my eye
I’d wear a different beret, every day
Hoping to attract my guy
I asked what it was that made him notice me
What made him think that I might be the one
He said the seams on my stockings were always quite straight
And my makeup was already done

We went walking around Cragside
I was wearing my high heeled shoes
We married in 1957
66 years of me and you
Every year in the garden
He would grow sweet peas and sunflowers for me
If I needed a bookcase he’d make one
His paintings are on the walls, for all to see

Our meeting was not accidental
Inevitable, meant to be
And I know one day you’ll be at the bus stop
Waiting for me

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