“Meet the Leeds-based musician and would-be detective who’s helping the terminally ill create a legacy through song.

“I was nothing, now I’m me,” Vic Simborowski sings quietly, his face wrought with emotion. Opposite him, a heavily bearded man with tattooed forearms strums a guitar and nods along. This is Ben Buddy Slack, who co-wrote the song with Vic, a resident in a Bradford hospice, as part of the Swan Song Project, an initiative set up to help those with terminal illnesses express themselves through music. (Sadly, Vic passed away a year later, aged 70.)

Slack understands the power of song. One of his tattoos quotes a lyric from Tom Waits’ track Come On up to the House: “The world is not my home, I’m just a’passin thru.”

Thank you to Red Bull for covering The Swan Song Project in their magazine The Red Bulletin.

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