Written by Alan Livett & Ben Buddy Slack at Marie Curie, Bradford. 20/07/17



The year was 1985 and we said we can do this,

We had a lot of work to do before our first kiss,

Driving around Calderdale looking for residential spots,

Then we had our bedsit bliss hearing Love on the rocks,

We can do this

The year was 1986 we said we can do this,

The house that we had bought was in a state of remiss,

So we rolled up our sleeves and we made a home,

And with every challenge we have faced our love has grown,

We can do this,

The year was 1989 and we both wanted children,

We said the right thing to do was get married then,

We wasted no time with just 3 weeks to go,

A wedding night in the front room on a double lilo,

We can do this,

The year was still 1989 and we said we can do this,

Sat in bed with a pregnancy test as it said positive,

3 weeks late and giving birth was harder than we realised,

Blood, sweat and tears was worth the look in those eyes,

We can do this,

and we did it again in 92 and 97

The next 15 years fly by with all the richness of life:

Kids Starting School,

Nativity Plays,

Christmas and New Years,


In Cornwall an France,

Early morning Starts,

Football Football,

Working at Grange,

Making a Home,

Who knows where the time goes

The year was 2012 we said we can do this,

Diagnosed with MND death had blown us a kiss,

Driving home the thought of telling the kids filled us with dread,

We told them straight and in a group hug we all said,

We can do this,

5 years on and you’re a wife and a carer too,

And I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved and the strength in you,

So remember the good times as you face the unknown,

I thank you for all these years of love and care you’ve shown,

You can do this

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