Written by Sylvia Middleton & Holly Taymar.


Everyone’s got a tale to tell
Everyone has a funny story about you
Well I guess that’s a part of being an old eccentric
Every day, in your own way, a love for life that was out of the ordinary
Unique and so eclectic you,
You make the greyest days
The brightest they could be
A cup of coffee following my tea


You’d do anything for anyone
And you made the world around you shine, shine
So full of heart, and full of love
A happy funny loving, one of a kind
Rich you’re one of a kind


Fish and chips and a full English breakfast
Not before it was smothered in ketchup
Jelly babies, make everything sweeter
A mushroom curry and a G ‘n’ T
Ginger nuts and fig rolls and a coconut Bounty
Oh you were such a feeder
Now, we’ll set a place for you
You lived your life so full
Filled with heart and soul




“Everyone should own at least one sports car”
And anything with an engine was driving your heart
A campervan, a caravan, and 2 trials cars
Motorbikes you had 9 or 10
Fixing vehicles again and again and again
At any time of day or night
You could move all of us
And everything you’d drive
You’d just enjoy the ride




You, you were the greatest Grandpa
And a husband sharing great and happy love
Wish you were here love,
So you could hear us
We’ll find our way
To carry you with us



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