Written by Annie Redding, Lisa Marie Glover & Ben Buddy Slack.



You would hide all the easter eggs for us to find,

Coloured stickers on all the ones that were mine,

You’d be at the back working the lights for the shows,

Our family would be there and take up a whole row,

You would take my interests and turn them into yours

You would ask about the football and want to know the scores


“There will be dark moments and difficult days,

It can feel like you’re lost in a maze,

You can always find hope, You can always make time,

And you can always look at things in a positive way,

It can feel like a rollercoaster ride,

Things get flipped around and upside down,

You can always spread a smile, You can always makes someones day,

And you can always look at things in a positive way”

You kept going to work and you kept making the tea,

You always stayed determined, determined just like me,

You didn’t let it stop you from ever making plans,

You never felt unlucky, you always felt grand,

You kept living your life, you kept being you,

You kept your sense of humour helping us all through,

You’ve made such an impact, An impact that will last,

I’ve loved our time together, the time has gone so fast,

I learned from you about challenges and how they’re overcome,

The impact that you’ve had on me from everything you’ve done,

You’ve given me the belief that everything will be ok,

With strength and with humour I’ll face whatever comes my way,

When I look at you a hero is what I see,

Much more than just an uncle, An inspiration to me.

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