Written by Maureen Baron & Ben Buddy Slack at Marie Curie, Bradford. 20/06/17



We had the freedom of the world,

No Fears, No Worries,

Archangel Gabriel by my side,

Everything was innocent in my eyes,

We used to run through the fields,

No Fears, No Worries,

Through grass as tall as us,

Collecting the buttercups,

Surrounded by loved ones,

No Fears, No Worries

Sometimes there are evils all around,

That try to bring you down,

You can feel angry and lose control,

Close your heart and your sould,

They’re all sent to test us,

And they bring out the best in us,

Things are calmer now,

No Fears, No Worries,

With my angel by my side

Who has always been my guide

Sending trails of feathers,

No Fears, No Worries,

Leadeth me to the sea,

Leaving one pair of footprints in the sand,

No Fears, No Worries.

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