Written by Jess Nelder, Rosie Nelder & Tom Edney.


When daddy was born

he was an Essex lad
Fantazia raves
with his drum n bass pals
Graffiti was
always on the walls
and rhythm from the start
a gunner forever
one love in his heart
Ride around
with your headphones on
On ya bike
in a world of your own
In Cambridgeshire
he found his gang
Toby, G and Ray
he started to belong
With a new lodger
in the party life
who would know
she would become his wife
With his mates
Dave, Lee and John
soon they’d be
families begun
When was Jess born
not much sleep
but she was number one
so much fun
Then Rosie came
smiley and mellow
soon everything
had to be yellow
Ride around
with ya headphones on
on ya bike
in a world of your own

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