Written by John Hirst & Ben Buddy Slack at Marie Curie, Bradford. 17/10/18


When I lost my Dad, It made me Sad

It turned me bad and nasty,

I travelled about, my home in doubt,

Trouble would never pass me,

You would stand and fight, in the middle of the night,

In a place just like Hell,

Win or lose, you would go on the booze,

And end up in a Jail cell,


I met my wife, changed my life,

Helped me turn things around,

Wasn’t being bad, wasn’t feeling sad,

Got my feet back on the ground,

I travelled around the world, I really missed my girl,

And I didn’t keep in touch, Never home too long, the same old song,

It all got a bit too much,


Had a girl and boy, gave me lots of joy,

Then had three more kids,

Really calmed me down, having them around,

Was the best thing I ever did,

I needed money too, give to you,

For the things I never had,

Had to work away, too many days,

Missing you always made me sad,


Got myself real sick, got to deal with it,

I’m still standing tall,

You’ve helped me see, the love you have for me,

And I thank you for it all,

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