Written by Rainie Kay, Holly Taymar & Mark Christopher.






” I first heard of The Swan Song Project when it appeared on my facebook feed.

The idea appealed and took root, but I hesitated : although I’d sung most of my life, I now had little breath following recurrent cancer surgery and infections.

But I decided to try and am so very glad I did. Ben’s project is so very special.

My words and ideas came together in the talented hands of singer-songwriter Holly Taymar-Bilton and the song was then arranged by an amazing Sheffield musician: Mark Stoney. The singing was certainly a challenge, but I wanted to give my husband a gift: I’d been sent home with palliative care, but his love and determination got me back to living my best life. It’s all about making good memories now, and this song is now one of them – it was a wonderful experience.”

Rainie Kay








Verse 1
I’m looking at these memories, inside this picture book
All laid out across the years, these images I took
We cut and paste our happiness, and Photoshop our tears
Remembering the moments, as we rush through the years

Verse 2
We rake the embers over – the good times and the bad
The daughter still within these arms, the son I dreamt I had
And did you ever think we’d be standing at this gate?
Looking back down that long road
We were skimming stones – like skimming fate

From a starry night and a railway track
We made a vow and we never came back
No matter where you were or what you had to do
When the road was hard, inside you always knew
That I’d be right there baby, I told ya’
I’ll still be singing to you.

Verse 3
This love affair we had – it started out so hot
Well age has wrought some changes, but babe it never ever really stopped
And though the leaves have fallen and the dimming skies look grey

Just take a look into these eyes – those years just fall away

Verse 4
We walked the halls of darkness. We held the light up high
You banished fear and gave me strength
I could stand right up and look it in the eye.
We wrote the words together, this richly gilded book
Did we really use a lifetime – doing all those things and the years they took?

From a starry night and a railway track
We made a vow and we never turned back
And one thing I can promise you
That this long goodbye is no way through
And when in time the sadness comes
Oh, just close your eyes and put this record on
And just look up the sky’s my favourite shade of blue
Remember this precious love will get you through
Whatever comes, oh baby,
I’ll still be singing to you
I’ll still be singing to you
I’ll still be singing to you
I’ll still be singing … To you …..


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