Written by Lynn Reid & Julia Waldron.


You said we’re on the next part of our journey together, I said nothing 

You said I love you and I said, I love you too  

I once said without you I’d die, You said nothing 

Twenty eight, Ten, Twenty Two


And we will spin and dance and turn together

Another year older together

We will spin and dance and turn forever

For how could I ever…….say goodbye

You told me that you were the rain, that fell from the sky 

I said that you were the dew, that sparkled in the moonlight 

I’ve come to sprinkle sparkling, glittering sand, on my baby

Sleep, my little dewdrop 


I breathe you in and I hold you there…..my pearl

I breathe you in and I hold you there……my rose

My flower girl

My flower girl 

Until you gave me a reason to stay

You left behind everything you took away    

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