Written by Lauren Lock, Jess Baker & Ben Buddy Slack. 


Dancing with Jeanie, In the kitchen,

Scones, Yorkshire Puds, Let’s get stuck in

Dancing with Jeanie, At Pomene,

Doing the twist, sipping on a gin,


Jeanie from Penhalonga,

What you taught us makes us stronger

Jeanie from Penhalonga

Wish we could dance for longer

You dance your way through life

Into Hearts and minds,

We will always see the signs,

That you are dancing with us over time

Dancing with Jeanie, In the garden,

Roses, Sarbi Stars, Let’s get planting,

Dancing with Jeanie, At Gonharezhou,

Hornbills and Elephants Lets get going

Dave and Jeanie dancing together,

Completely devoted to one another,

Family comes first, there’s no nana better,

Gentle and kind, and lovin forever

Dancing with Jeanie, At Mountain Home,

Memories and family, everyone pull in,

Dancing with Jeanie, Pour a sundowner,

Laughter and fun, time for reflecting,

Dancing with Jeanie, through the checkerboard of life,

That’s where you’re going, that’s where you’ve been,

Dancing with Jeanie, Weddings and parties,

The greatest dancer you’ve ever seen,


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